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 The Host - A story by Amber

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PostSubject: The Host - A story by Amber   Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:14 am

This story is based on The Host by Stephanie Meyer.

It is about a species called Souls who invade the minds of living species in the universe, inclduing humans.

"Rose" a voice murmered beside me. "How long has she been unconsious for?" the same voice said.
"About three hours"
I moved my slender fingers. "She's waking up" a voice said. It was a healer, I could hear the calmness in his voice. I liked him. I blinked my eyes and slowly opened them. "Welcome to earth, Rose" the healer said.

Chapter 1:
I looked around the room, it was square room with a cot, which I lay on and a table with the healer's medicine. The room was completely white. "I am Ford Driftwood" the healer said. He was from the land of the plants. I had never been there, but I'd heard incredible things about it. I had come from the Fairy World. I loved it there, but the souls needed me on earth. My calling was as a seeker. My duty was to protect the souls. I sat up slowly. "Hello" I said. I streched my arms out slowly. I liked this body. It felt comfortable, much better than being in the petite fairy body. The door opened and two seekers walked in. "Welcome Rose" they said together. "I'm sorry to interupt, but we need the information quite urgently. You see your host's body was running away from us. She knew what we were. We spotted her trying to steal food from the grocery shop. We chased her down to the river and she jumped off the bridge. We luckily saved her, but only just. We're scared there's more of them..."
"I understand, I'll see what I can find" I concentrated and looking into my host's mind. I saw a picture of a man, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She loved him, I searched for a name. I couldn't get through. There was a wall stopping me. I tried to get around the wall, but I couldn't. "Are you okay?" The seeker asked, frantic. I was gasping for air. "I'm fine" I huffed. "I'll try again." This time I went another way. This time I saw a girl, with bright red hair and emerald green eyes, her name was Sophie. No! a voice in my head said. A voice which didn't belong to me, but to my resistant host. I had heard stories about it, hosts which didn't fully disappear when us souls we put into their bodies. They stayed on. There was once a story about a host which eventually took control of the whole body and started murdering souls. I shuddered at the thought.
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Posts : 54
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Age : 20
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PostSubject: Re: The Host - A story by Amber   Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:14 am

Chapter 2:
"What's wrong?" the seeker asked, concerned. I hated admitting defeat. "There's a boy, a boyfriend I assume and a girl, which looks to be her friend" I said. The seeker looked disappointed. "I'll try again!" I said quickly. She smiled and walked out the door. I was left alone in the white room. I searched my mind for some memory, anything which could help the seekers. Nothing. I was about to give up when I saw something, a memory from my host's past.

"Kylie!" Sophie called from downstairs. I ran down the stairs and gave her a big hug. "Happy birthday to you" she sang and giggled. She handed me a brightly wrapped present. "Thank you!" I said, smiling.

The memory vanished before my eyes. I was gasping for breath. Her name was Kylie. She had a best friend Sophie. She loved Sophie so much, I couldn't help but hope Sophie was still alive.

I got up off the cot and walked into out the door. "Hello Rose" a kind soul said, "I am Star of the Sea" she said. She came from the Dolphin World, that was one of the first planets us souls had inhabited. "We have arranged an apartment for you in the city" she said and handed me a set of shiny silver keys. I took the keys, thanked her and walked out the Healing Facility. I found the apartment easily enough and settled in. The seeker had arranged several clothing items for me, stocked my fridge and placed out a few other necessities. The seeker had left me a note.

Hi Rose. I hope you have settled in fine. If you have found out any information concerning your host, please contact me immediately.

I went straight away to the phone and started to dial the number she had given me. I was going to tell her about Sophie, how I knew she was alive, but I couldn't. I wanted to protect her.
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The Host - A story by Amber
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